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Our Dental Fees

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Dental Services Offered At Australian Breath Clinic

Dr. Speiser is an MBF Preferred Provider
As a preferred provider for MBF (BUPA) we are able to offer greater rebates for our services. Simply take your receipt to the private health fund to claim back your rebate.

Patients who visit us often remark on the "non dental" feel of our practice. We offer a clean, efficient and comfortable clinic, staffed only with understanding personnel. Our services centre around our "world first" Halicheck Program developed by Dr. Speiser and now taught to other clinicians around the world. We also are very excited about our "one visit" ceramic restorations and crowns. No need to wear a temporary crown for two weeks while the permanent one is constructed. Also our crowns are made out of ceramic which means they have a high aesthetic value as compared to the normal metal and ceramic veneer crowns.

Choose a Service Below Our Fee MBF Rebate
Halicheck Breath Test
A 10min visit using our patented Chromograph technology. You will receive a detailed printout of your mouth gases and an explanation of what these results mean. Recommendations can be made from this report. This service is not claimable from the private health funds as it is not seen as a dental visit.
$90.00 $00.00
Full Halicheck Breath Test and Dental Examination
This consultation will take approximately one hour. You will undergo a lifestyle, medical and food quiz developed by Dr. Speiser. We will also carry out a full dental examination to look for the causes of your breath or taste issue. We will check for tooth decay, failing restorations, cracked teeth. We will also perform a Halicheck Chromograph Test only available at our Sydney Clinic, as well as a Saliva Examination. All consultations are with Dr. Speiser.
Item Codes: 011, 022*4, 047
$380.00 $197.55
Dental Examination, Radiographs, Cleaning of Teeth & Fluoride
A Dental Consultation with Dr Speiser and Staff. A full examination of the teeth, gums and mouth in general is done. We will look for all dental issues such as tooth decay, failing restorations and cracked teeth. Also radiographs are taken to review any issues that may not be visible to the naked eye. We will then scale, air polish, and fluoride your teeth to remove any calculus or tooth stain.
Item Codes: 011, 022*4, 114, 121
$323.50 $291.10
Saliva Screening Test
Using a specialised kit from GC dental we examine the quantity of saliva you generate under function as well as the resting pH and functional pH of your saliva. Item Codes: 047
$20.50 $18.45

White Composite Fillings $250.00 up to $190
One Visit Ceramic Restorations $650.00 up to $500
One Visit Ceramic Crowns $950.00 up to $800
Implant Crowns To Replace Missing Teeth price request up to $800
To make an appointment please call our office on 1300 653 335

A Personal Note From Dr Speiser
The causes of bad breath and halitosis have been my clinical focus since 1997. At the Australian Breath Clinic, a purpose built dental practice focused on diagnosis and treatment of halitosis (bad breath), I can accurately diagnose and treat your bad breath and sour taste. My KForce range has been published and recognised in medical journals, shown on major Australian TV networks, and featured on both national and local radio programs.

As well as successfully treating bad breath, I have a passion for one visit ceramic crowns and restorations made with our Siemens CAD-CAM equipment. These restorations are virtually indistinguishable from natural tooth and are made quickly and easily without fuss. You will be amazed.


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