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KForce Plus - Home Treatment For Bad Breath

From Dr Speiser (CEO & Dentist) at Australian Breath Clinic
Did you know that one in three people suffer from bad breath. And it gets worse, after you turn 40 years old, that figure becomes one in two people suffering with halitosis. This is epidemic proportions, yet most people are too embarrassed to seek professional treatment. As a dentist I found these facts extremely frustrating. So I set about developing a cure and treatment for patients that would visit me at my Sydney Clinic. The treatment worked amazingly well and quick and in fact "blew away" many of the patients we saw. They could not believe a condition that has plagued them all their life could be eradicated in just a short time.

So next I tweaked and packaged our patented system so that it could be easily used at home by people who were too embarrased to come and see us, or simply were not able to make the journey to Edgecliff Sydney. This treatment is called KFORCE PLUS and it is an easy to use set of non foaming cleaning products, alkaline mouthwash, and K12 probiotics that protect the mouth. None of the ingredients are available in any commercial toothpastes or mouthwash. The system is completely unique and only available from our sister company BreezeCare. You can order or view these novel products by clicking on the products link at the top of this page or on the right hand menu of this page.

How Do You Check That KForce Worked
Alright I hear your next question; How do I know it worked? The best and most definitive test is to come to the clinic and take a Halicheck Gas Chromograph test. This machine is over 100 times more sensitive than the human nose. So it will surely tell us if any problems still exist. But for those patients that take this treatment at home, they will rely on more subjective signs:

Look at Your Tongue:
1. Has the coating on the tongue lessened or changed colour
2. If you scrape the tongue coating and smell it, has the odour disappeared
3. Are you cleaning the tongue firstly with the non foaming tongue gel and then using the scraper

Look at Your Gums (Gingivae):
1. Are you flossing every day
2. Do the gums bleed on cleaning and flossing
3. Does the floss smell when used

Look at Your Throat:
1. Are you cleaning the gag reflex at back of the tongue with the tongue gel and tongue cleaner
2. Are you flushing the throat with the pressure pack sinoclear nasal flush
3. Can you smell your own breath
4. Do you get a hoarse voice easily
5. Do you need to take anti allergy medication

Look at Your Lifestyle:
1. Are you eating milk and cheese
2. Do you get stressed easily
3. Are you snaking on high sugar or acid foods during the day
4. Have you asked a close confidant if you still have a breath issue

KForce Identifies And Tackles The Source Of Bad Breath
Everyone feels they need to be seen by a doctor because they have suffered for so long. Well this is not entirely true. Yes if you come to our clinic in Sydney we can look for the obvious causes of gum disease or post nasal drip. But most long term sufferers have already had these things checked. There is also a small chance that you may have liver disease or diabetes. But again I am sure these were checked by the many doctors you would have visited.

What you are NOT DOING is addressing the issue of bacterial imbalance in the mouth. This is a simple mistake, and the easiest of problems to fix. This is what my treatment is designed to do. KFORCE PLUS Products allow you to clean your mouth of the bad breath bacteria, the protein that the bacteria feed on, and change the pH of your saliva (the body's natural defence against mouth problems).

What do I mean by bacterial imbalance? Without going into a science lesson, we have bacteria in our mouths that break down protein for energy. It is their waste products that smell. These are normal bacteria mostly, but when you choose certain lifestyles like coffee, alcohol, medicines, inadequate cleaning over a long period of time you allow these bacteria to grow and dominate the mouth. Killing them off does not work as they just grow back, and in fact using harsh disinfectant and antibiotics generally make the problem worse, as these things kill the harmless bacteria as well.

KForce Plus Products allow you to manually clean the bacteria and food source away in one simple procedure. But then I use a probiotic (good bacteria) to re colonise the mouth, and to help you keep the mouth in balance. No one else has this system of cleaning and re colonising. It has taken me many years since 1997 to develop this treatment, and I am still adding to it every year.

I treat bad breath successfully. I hope I have answered some of your more important questions. I am proud of KFORCE PLUS Products that have taken me hours of clinical research to develop. I now offer them to you to try. Please give me your feedback. And don't be shocked when your breath is improved almost instantly. Remember you do not need a clinic visit to use KForce Products, but I would be happy to see and examine you.

Please call us on 1300 653 335 to discuss your personal problem in complete privacy


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