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How We Stop Bad Breath - Clinic or Home Treamtent

Dr. Speiser and Australian Breath Clinic Have The Answer
I have spent the last 14 years of my professional life dedicated to solving the mysteries surrounding bad breath cures and treatments. I am proud to say that I have developed two comprehensive ways to cure bad breath

1. Clinic Treatment at our office called HALICHECK
2. Home Treatment in the privacy of your own home called KFORCE

Both Halicheck and KForce are backed by the support of myself and my caring staff who can answer any of your needs and concerns. We are available on our 24/7 Online Chat, by direct email question, and by phone consultation.

OPTION 1: Clinic Treatment - Halicheck
I developed Halicheck after consulting with various specialists around the world. I then developed the clinic protocol with a Japanese company that makes medical grade Gas Chromographs. These machines are considered the Gold Standard in measuring odours. There are fewer than 500 in the world, and Australian Breath Clinic has three of them. We have an extremely high success rate at our Sydney Clinic. The steps in the Halicheck Treatment are:

STEP 1: HALICHECK - Gas Chromograph Mouth Air Measurement
The Gas Chromograph breath reading is such an amazing step in understanding bad breath and why you may have a smell issue. A sample of air is taken from the mouth and put into the Halicheck machine. This air is broken down to over 50 different mouth gases and allows us to identify the volume of the main bad breath gases. The test takes 10 minutes and will give us a measurement of bad breath coming from the tongue surface, teeth and gums and from the back of the throat at the gag reflex line. HALICHECK is the Gold Standard in measuring Halitosis.

STEP 2: LIFESTYLE QUIZ - In depth analysis of your foods, medicines, daily activities and hygiene habits
Once we have determined the area where the bad breath bacteria are living, we need to work out why this imbalance occurred. Normally this is due to a lifestyle issue. It may be a cleaning error, or it can be overuse of mouthwash. It can even be foods or diets that you may undertake. I have developed an in depth quiz that examines all aspects of your hygiene protocol, medicine intake, illnesses, and food intake during the day. What you tell me on this quiz goes a long way in solving your Halitosis problem.

STEP 3: CLINICAL EXAMINATION - Periodontal and Dental Examination
I am a qualified dentist, who graduated in 1980 from Sydney University. I still run a full time dental practice. So the final step of the Bad Breath Consultation is to do a full examination on you and verify the findings of both the Halicheck Gas Chromograph and the in depth Lifestyle Quiz. This examination also enables me to determine if there are any dental issues that may be causing your problem, such as old restorations, impacted teeth and gum disease.

OPTION 2: Home Treatment - KForce Plus
Many people cannot attend our clinic or are two embarrassed to visit us. Therefore I took our clinic protocol and developed it into a home treatment called KForce Plus. The system was developed over the last 13 years, and I can honestly say the success rate is almost as high as the Halicheck personal clinic visit.

I like patients to start with a 5Day cleaning program to remove bacteria and biofilm from the mouth that are causing the problem and have built up over time. After the 5 days, I then introduce KForce K12 Probiotics to help control the dynamic relationship of all mouth bacteria. KForce K12 Probiotics were developed at Otago University by Professor John Tagg, initially to prevent sore throats. We collaborated with Professor Tagg to take these innovative probiotics and turn them into a bad breath and mouth health solution.

KForce K12 Probiotics are unique and should not be confused with other probiotics. K12 only lives on the tongue surface and will not survive in the stomach if swallowed. Due to the unique ingredients in the KForce Plus Program, it will not only rid you of bad breath but KForce promotes healthy teeth and gums, and flushes the throat of mucous collections.

Many patients ask if they have to remain on our products. Everyone is different with this answer. Your best results will continue if you stay on the products, and the cost to do this can be as low as $30 to $40 a month. So it is very affordable. But you are usually able to go down to just using our tongue gel and tongue cleaner along with our protocol. You will see some drop off with the fewer products you use, but you will still see satisfactory to good results. Please call myself or Sharon at the Sydney clinic to discuss what is right for your needs.


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