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About Dr. Speiser - CEO & Dentist at Australian Breath Clinic

A Dentist With Over 30 Years Experience
I graduated from Sydney University in 1980 after five years of dental school and one year of Sydney University Economics. I began work in a country practice in Canberra during the week where I saw and treated all facets of dentistry. I also worked as an emergency dentist in Sydney on weekends. I did this for two years. In 1984 I began my first dental practice in Sydney's south-western suburb. This practice grew very quickly and after taking in associates and partners I opened a practice in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs.

I noted in my years of practice that many people suffer from the embarrassing condition of bad breath or halitosis as it is known dentally. I followed all the routines taught to us as dental students. These dental techniques worked when the obvious cause was gum disease, but had a poor success rate when the bad breath was caused by another source. I tried the recommended antiseptic mouthwashes and again there was a moderate success rate. This peaked my attention, and began my mission to discover the actual cause and treatment for bad breath. I wanted to find a protocol and treatment that would be very predictable and extremely successful.

In 1997 I Contacted Experts in USA
To see how they were tackling halitosis in the dental practice. I experimented with their mouthwashes and measurement techniques but was not happy with any of them. It was at this time I decided to develop my own protocol and product line to treat the cause of bad breath. This line of products became known as Breeze and it is still available as our fresh breath product line.

In 2003 I merged my two practices into a purpose built clinic in Edgecliff Sydney. This provided good access for patients all over Sydney to visit. The practice is on the Eastern Suburbs train line and only 10 minutes from the Sydney CBD.

In 2004 I was contacted by BLIS Technologies, a public company in New Zealand to help develop a mouthwash treatment for their S.salivarius K12 probiotics to treat mouth odour. The ability to use their scientific laboratories enabled me to develop our KFORCE Probiotic Product Range. This range is unique in the world as it is the only system that recognises bacteria need to live in the mouth. KFORCE focuses on putting a good probiotic on the tongue surface and then maintaining this new found mouth balance. It has been extremely successful and has been written up in many journals and dental magazines.

In 2006 I Started The Australian Breath Clinic
With the discovery of Halicheck. This is a clinic protocol I developed around the use of Gas Chromography. Halicheck led to an extremely accurate measuring method for bad breath. In fact Halicheck is 100 times more sensitive than the human nose. The ability to measure even the minutest amount of mouth gas allowed me to determine bacteria that may cause the smells and the possible places in the mouth that these bacteria may live. This allowed me to develop targeted breath treatments.

Apart from treating dental patients, I am also an active Internet advisor. I also personally answer questions posted on the Australian Breath Clinic and BreezeCare web sites. These web site achieve over 2500 hits per day, from people searching problems such as bad breath, halitosis, post nasal drip, dry mouth, sour taste and taste disorders, ulcers and sores of the mouth and tongue.

In 2009 I was invited to be a guest speaker at the Malaysian Dental Association Conference in Kuala Lumpur. The topic was "Setting up a Breath Clinic in a Dental Practice"

I understand that customers cannot easily travel to Sydney for a thorough consultation and Halicheck to get to the bottom of their problem. So I try to make myself available to answer any questions you may have about your individual circumstances. You can use the Online Chat button on the right hand side of this screen to talk to me if I am available online, or you can ask a question if I am not available. I will answer as quickly as possible.

"Dr Speiser undertakes "breath consultations" at his Edgecliff clinic. In these consultations patients undergo personalised lifestyle examination, saliva quality testing, breath testing and dental examination to determine the best possible treatment for the patient."

To make an appointment please call our office on 1300 653 335


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